About Us

After writing a trivia column, “Just Tying…Loose Ends,” for the weekly Entertainment Guide, the Inside Reading, from June, 1981 until January, 1991, when the magazine was sold. At this point, Terry Franckowiak decided to start is own weekly publcation. After 2 months of preparation, the first issue, which contained 16 pages, was published on April 1, 1991.

In the Spring of 1992, LOOSE ENDS magazine Launched its first “Summer of Fun Tour” stop at Freymoyer’s Hotel. During the Tour, a DJ provided Karaoke and Music with 2 Models giving away a dozen of LOOSE ENDS “Summer of Fun Tour” T-Shirts!! During 1994, the “Fun in the Fall Tour” was added so that more Bars and Restaurants could be part of the “Tour.” The last “Tour” stop happened in the Fall of 1998 at the Black Angus Restaurant in Adamstown. There was 158 “Tour” stops between 1992 and 1998.

In October, 1997, LOOSE ENDS magazine was awarded “Publication of the Year” by the Greater Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for its efforts and dedication on behalf of those with multiple sclerosis.

During the 2000s, LOOSE ENDS magazine sponsored several Championship Slow Pitch Softball teams. In fact, in 2011, LOOSE ENDS magazine co-sponsored the G-Musik Softball team that was ranked 1st in the state of Pennsylvania and 9th in the United States.

In September, 2014, the company, In Motions Solutions, launched the LOOSE ENDS magazine website at looseends.biz.

Terry Franckowiak